Parking within the village

It has been brought to the attention of the Parish Council that cars are being parked on the pavement causing an obstruction and preventing pedestrians from safe passage.

The Council would ask that residents be considerate of others when parking their vehicles outside their property, and to use their drives where possible.


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Humber Acute Services Review Invitation to patient Involvement Workshops

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SAFE & SOUND GRANT Financial Year 2019-2020  Qualifying Criteria now updated

​The main aim of the scheme is to provide home security for residents who have limited funds to stay safe in their own homes.  Residents can apply if they are disabled and/or over 60 and are renting in either the private sector or from a Housing Association or own their own homes.  They cannot have more than a cumulative bank balance to the address of over £23500, and should not have applied for the grant on the last 2 years.

​Their is more information on the Crime and Community Safety section of ERYC web site.

For application forms please go to:  http://www2.eastriding.gov.uk/living/crime-and-community-safety/preventing-crime/

​Alternatively forms may be obtained from the parish clerk, Sandra Morrison tel: 01262 470496